Polani B. Seshagiri  

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Sperm Biology


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     Prior to entry into oocytes, spermatozoa must undergo two physiological maturational processes viz., capacitation and acrosome reaction, crucial for sperm-oocyte interaction leading to fertilization. We are studying intra-spermatozoal cell signaling events, changes in sperm protein phosphorylation, particularly tyrosine phosphorylation signaling mechanism and their regulation during sperm function. We are studying ultrastructural localization and molecular characterization of tyrosine phosphorylated proteins and functionally, how they regulate sperm motility, required for fertilization competence. The knowledge on tyrosine phosphorylated proteins regulating sperm function is of immense significance in our understanding of male(in) fertility.

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Cross reactivity of monocloanal antibody C11A5 with hamster spermatozoa

Mammalian sperm function and fertilization

Immunocytochemistry with anti-PY antibody