Group Members

Gaurav Agrawal

Gaurav studies the activation mechanism of follitropin hormone receptor, a GPCR and has identified a region critical for activation using an antibody that possesses the potential to stimulate the receptor.

Reema Railkar

Reema works on human recombinant antibody library (single chain fragment variable) and uses  a semi synthetic ScFv library to fish for immunological probes to study hormone-receptor interaction.

Mandar Dixit

Mandar is under the chemical biology program of IISc between MRDG and Chemical engineering. His work involves optimization of  large scale production of glycoprotein hormone using the Pichia pastoris expression system in a pilot scale bio fermenter

Ritankar Majumdar

Ritankar works on autoimmune disorder of the thyroid especially autoantibodies to TSH receptor, such as in Graves’ disease. His work primarily involves elucidation of activation mechanism between TSH and its autoantibodies which could be important for therapeutic targeting.

Ramanath Hegde

Ramanath works on Expression and purification of recombinant FSH. Design and synthesis of hormone analogue (superagonist) of hCG with longer half life in plasma and increased in vivo. bioactivity

Purvi Jain

Purvi specializes in purification and expression of  various proteins including various tagged receptor protein as well as human ScFv.


Srinivasiah is the technical assistant in the lab. He  maintains the lab inventory and assists the lab personnel in animal work.

The Past members:



Research Students

Project Assistants

                                  Mitali Samaddar:



Chandana Sengupta



Vijayalakshmi Nalawadi:



Sunita  B.R:



Ayesha Joshi




Ravi Manjithaiya




Rupali Gadkari





Post Doctoral Fellow


Vijay is involved in structure function relationship of FSH and FSH receptor. He is also trying to use  naïve human Fab library for FSH and FSHR specific Fab using yeast display technology.




Studies on Recombinant DNA Expression of Follicle Stimulating Hormone and Its Receptor,1997


Human Chorionic Gonadotropin : Recombinant DNA expression and Structure– Function relationship Studies,1998



Structure-Function Studies on Rat Follicle Stimulating Hormone Receptor using Immunological Probes,2001



Single chain Glycoprotein hormones: structure function studies,2003


Spermatogenesis : hormonal regulation and differential gene expression



Post-transcriptional Regulation of Gene Expression: Role of 3’ Untranslated Region of FSHβ mRNA.



Human Chorionic Gonadotropin : Insight into Structure and Interaction With Its receptor,2005

Amartya Sanyal

Amartya worked  on gene expression profiling  and promoter analysis of regulatory elements in the meiotic and the post-meiotic human male germ cells.

Satarupa Roy

Satarupa worked on single chain hormone analogs of  the glycoprotein hormones and characterized a novel analog of hCG that served as an inverse agonist to LH receptor.

Thesis Submitted

Prof. Rajan R. Dighe’s


Structure function analysis lab

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