August Session


January Session


RD 201/DB 204 (Aug) 2:0 Genetics

Mahadevan S and Arun Kumar

Transmission and distribution of genetic materials, dominance relations and multiple alleles, gene interaction and lethality, sex linkage, maternal effects and cytoplasmic heredity, cytogenetics and quantitative inheritance, elements of developmental and population genetics

Strickberger, M.W., Genetics, Suzuki et al., An introduction to Genetics Analysis


RD 203 (Aug) 2:0 Concepts in Endocrinology and Reproduction

P.B. Seshagiri, P Kondaiah and R Medhamurthy

Introduction to endocrine principles, Polypeptide and steroid hormones: their biosynthesis, structure and function. Hormones and growth factors in reproduction, receptors and signaling, Physiology of mammalian reproduction from gametogenesis to embryogenesis. Molecular regulation of reproduction; hormones in contraception and infertility.


RD 204 (Aug) 2:0 Principles of signal transduction in Biological Sciences; Deepak K Saini and Sandhya S Visweswariah

Principles of signal transduction, receptors, second messengers and ion channels in bacteria, yeast, Distyostelium and mammals. Signal transduction in bacterial chemotaxis and osmoregulation. Signaling mechanisms during sexual differentiation in yeast. Sensory transduction and gene registration in Dictyostelium. Mammalian siganling mechanisms through protein kinases, second messenger generating systems and ion channels. Signal transduction during fertilization.










RD 202/DB 267 (Jan) 2:0 Gene expression & Development:

Upendra Nongthomba

Principles of animal development, maternal information, induction, developmental genetics, factors regulating vertebrate development, mammalian development, regulation of gene expression, Evolutionary developmental biology, control of cell and body size, roles of molecular motors during development.

Slack, JMW From Egg to Embryo , Gilbert S Developmental Biology, Wolpert, L Principles of Development


RD 205/BC 208 (Jan) 2:0 Human Molecular Genetics

Arun Kumar and Sathees Raghavan

Human chromosomes,clinical cytogeentics, tools of human molecular genetics, organization of human genome, pattern of Mendelian inheritance, genomic imprinting, uniparental disomy and human genetic disorders, X-activation, genetic variation, polymorphism and mutation, genemapping and linkage analysis, biochemical basis of genetic disease, genetics of cancer, genetic counseling, prenatal diagnosis.

Strachan and Read, Human Molecular Genetics, 2004


RD 209/MC 210 (Jan) 2:0 Molecular Oncology

Annapoorni Rangarajan and Kumar Somasundaram

Introduction to cancer biology, Immortalization transformation, metastasis, Causes of cancer, initiation and promoters, carcinogens, tumor viruses, sporadic and familal cancer, genetic alterations in cancer, Molecular mechanisms of carcinogenesis: cell culture and animal models. Caner as a tissue: angiogenesis, role of stroma. Cell cycle and cancer: cell cycle check points, cyclins and cyclin dependent kinases, CDK inhibitors. Oncogenes: growth factors, growth factor receptors, G protin/signal transduction, tyrosine and serine/threonine kinases and transcription factors. Tumor suppressor genes. Mismatch repair, telomerase, DNA methylation protein phosphorylation/dephosphorylation and degration events. Transformation by RNA and DNA tumor viruses: adenovirus, simian virus 40 and human papilloma virus, oncogene-tumor suppressor interactions, Apoptosis and cancer. Cancer and stem cells




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