Ramray Bhat, Assistant Professor (Room GA07, MRDG)

Morphology and Microenvironment

MBBS: Calcutta Medical College, University of Calcutta

PhD: New York Medical College

Postdoctoral Fellowship: Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory


Contact: ramray@mrdg.iisc.ernet.in,

Phone: 08022932764


Research Interests

What are the principles that mediate the organization of cells into tissues and organs? How is this organization maintained over the life history of the organism? How do these principles of development and maintenance change over evolutionary time scales? Do new principles of organization come into effect during diseases such as cancer? All the above questions are essentially morphological in character and will conceptually underpin the research carried out in the Bhat laboratory. We will use experimental and theoretical methods in order to understand how form changes or remains unchanged in physiological and pathological contexts.

The behavior and functions of a tissue or organ is the cumulative result of the interactions between its cells and their microenvironment, the molecules of which comprise secretory and matrix proteins, as well as sugars. The information stored by the spatiotemporal patterns of sugars, as decorations of glycoproteins, or as constituents of proteoglycans (PGs) is known as the glycocode. The glycocode is involved in, and changes in a dynamical manner during, development as well as in cancer. We will study the significance of the dynamics of sugars and their interacting proteins during development (limb: a mesenchymal organ, and breast: an epithelial glandular organ) and during cancer (breast cancer and metastasis).


Representative Publications:

1. Lee SE, Chen Q*, Bhat R*, Petkiewicz S, Smith JM, Ferry V, Correia A, Alivasatos AP, Bissell MJ. Reversible Aptamer-Au plasmon rulers for secreted single molecules. Nanoletters. 2015 (in press)

2. Gomes AM*, Bhat R*, Correia A-L, Ilan N, Vlodavsky I, Bissell MJ. Mammary branching morphogenesis requires reciprocal signaling by heparanase and MMP-14 (*equal contribution) J Cell Biochem. 2015 (in press).

3. Chuong C-M, Bhat R, Widelitz R and Bissell, MJ. (2014) Snapshot: Branching Morphogenesis. Cell 158 (5):1212-1212.e1.

4. Bhat R, Chakraborty M, Mian IS and Newman SA. (2014) Structural divergence in vertebrate phylogeny of a duplicated prototype galectin Gen Biol Evol. 6(10): 2721-30.

5. Bhat R (2014). Understanding Complexity through pattern languages in biological and manmade architectures Int J Architect Res. 8:8-19.

6. Bhat R and Bissell, MJ. (2014) Of plasticity and specificity: dialectics of the microenvironment and macroenvironment and the organ phenotype. WIRES Dev Biol. 3, 147-163.

7. Glimm T, Bhat R and Newman SA. (2014) Modeling the morphodynamic galectin patterning network of the developing avian limb skeleton. J Theor Biol. 346:86-108.